Our Story

Our Humble Origins

For the man world-famous for his fried chicken, Harland David Sanders or Colonel Sanders, began his life far from the kitchen. Born in Henryville, Indiana USA, Colonel Sanders spent 65 years of his life doing everything but cook.

But come 1950, Sanders went on to take the biggest leap of his professional career — when he finalized the original recipe of 11 secret herbs and spices, to create the Kentucky Fried Chicken® that we’ve come to know and love today.

A decade later, Sanders’ success in the food business flocked all over the United States and Canada with over 600 franchise outlets. And 7 years after, KFC found a home in the Philippines.

Perhaps the first world-famous chef, Colonel Sanders proved that fame could go hand-in-hand with a big heart. The Colonel donated millions to charity, schools and hospitals. And even before his passing, he says, “I never had any desire to be the richest man in the cemetery.”

Today, as the Colonel’s legacy continues to grow, we are constantly reminded of his journey— a man who found his passion at his 60s, to becoming a world renowned chef who humbly introduced his recipe in all corners of the globe.

KFC Philippines Milestones

KFC Philippines Milestones Kentucky Fried Chicken® has come a long way since it first set foot in the Philippines in 1966— from the humble beginnings of Colonel Sanders serving travellers in the back of a filling station, to selling chicken by the bucket in 1957. Today, KFC has offered some of its most delicious creations like the KFC Zinger, the KFC Double Down and the KFC Chizza.

With the rise of delicious and new food creations came the growth of the business in numbers. Filipinos from all over the country craved KFC so much so that on 1999, KFC opened its 100th store in Taft PGH. The brand went on to proclaim its newly designed logo in 2006 that it created a huge logo visible from space. It was also in the same year where KFC opened a redesigned store in Market Market.

KFC’s achievement in the Philippines won the hearts of many as it hosted the CHAMPS challenge — winning 11 awards in 2010 and 9 awards in 2015. It was also in 2010 where KFC launched its 200th store in Lacson, Bacolod.

On 2014, KFC took a huge leap to bring the brand closer to the Filipino community as it introduced local celebrity favorites: Daniel Padilla, the Kramer Family and Kathryn Bernardo. This marked a new milestone that propelled the brand closer to the Filipino’s hearts.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has come a long way. But it has only just begun.